Since ancestral times, human beings have been obsessed with the urge to represent reality. Painting was a magical activity infused with rituals that have continued to the present day.
The rituals created the community and the painting was the binding factor.

Friends Team Building


What do we propose?

Getting together to paint a picture.

Enjoy the experience of painting with your friends, under the guidance of the professional artist Enric Aguilar. With Artistic Team Building, we focus on painting and the emotions to create this unique group experience.

What are our aims?

  • Involve everybody in the group of friends in the same objective.
  • Create a positive atmosphere among the all the friends.
  • Share favorable experiences to promote.
  • Record the emotion created in the collective memory of the group.
  • Have fun and excitement while creating.

Objectives to achieve

  • Arouse and discover the emotions each member feels.
  • Have fun and excitement while creating.
  • Share favorable experiences to improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Get each member emotionally involved with the group of friends.
  • Personal commitment through sharing emotions to create a positive atmosphere of friendship.
  • Record the emotion created in the collective memory of the family.

Work Schedule

  • Welcome with a small breakfast or afternoon snack.
  • Guided relaxation activity to listen to our hearts.
  • Individual and group emotional involvement.
  • Everyone starts painting a single and unique picture previously planned and agreed on by the group. Either figurative with specific motifs or abstract, using colours, textures, collage, graffiti etc. Enric Aguilar will be on hand to help throughout the activity and will have prepared the initial sketch beforehand.
  • Short break.
  • Resume painting.
  • End of activity.
Session: 3 hours
Venue: Galeria d’Art Aguilart
Groups: from 2 to 60 per group
Timetable: to be agreed

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