Creative Art Activities designed to develop Corporate, Family and Friends Team Building

Artístic Team Building


Team Building is the most commonly used means of uniting corporate work groups in order to accomplish common objectives and promote collaborative team work.

In Artistic Team Building we create emotional bonds though art and painting. This state of inner peace that makes it very easy to create an intense emotional link between the employees and their work group and also with the Company.

This passion which re-awakens our hearts and moves us to reinvent ourselves every day is the driving force which helps us overcome every obstacle and achieve our most ambitious dreams.

Each Artistic Team Building activity is tailored to meet the specific personal needs of each work group in order to achieve agreed objectives.

In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to neglect what is truly important, ourselves and our relationships with others.

So, what do we propose?
We propose working together effectively on a common artistic activity. This will throw a new light on the relationships we have with our work team and will allow the best of ourselves to emerge.

We propose that you all get together and paint a picture.


What are our aims?
Using emotions and feelings as our main pivot:

  • Develop a positive atmosphere among the team members.
  • Share favorable experiences in order to encourage interpersonal relationships.

All these good sensations will lead to a significant improvement in human performance which will result in greater efficiency in the company.

Team Building Empresa

“Creativity is a state in which ideas are not searched for but spring up of their own accord. We have to develop the ability to reach this intuitive, intensely creative state where everything flows and makes sense”.

Enric Aguilar Puig